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A special day in your life that will be one of life's biggest memories.... we pride ourselves on achieving the look and personal preferences in a smooth flow of organization.

The first initial stages of arranging wedding flowers with you is to be able to understand what you have in mind, first and foremost. We ask you to send over internet images or photos of what you like, and would like us to achieve.

After looking at the style, that's most desired we then look at color, palettes, and images from us, sent to you with ideal flowers to create that look.

We then talk about what's to be included bridesmaids, buttonholes, flower girls, what areas of displays you would like, are there any special requests and requirements. Maybe a wheelchair arrangement. Chair back displays, walking stick flower decorations.

Whether you have a large wedding or a smaller scaled wedding we work with you for practicality. This can be for example, a grand flower display from the beginning, maybe the entrance of your chapel, church, barn or registry office which is then used to carry on through the day from dinning to celebration area. Maybe the use of candles and foliage with a hit of flower, maybe just a foliage greenery look for the decorative area, we work with you.

Maybe an arch, table running garlands and side entrance displays are required,

we then start to plan the flowers what's important to include what look is desired etc.

If venue decor is required we talk with your venue. It's important to us as we will arrange times, entrances and display locations. If the venue is new to us we arrange a day to view the venue and plan on the areas of display and what restrictions may be in place.

Smooth running and extreme organization is most important to us.

Once the decisions of what is required are made we start to plan, order and then finally make your wedding day flowers.

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