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Funeral Flowers 

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Ordering Funeral Flowers

At a delicate time in life the smallest of things can become more overwhelming so we understand how important the big things can be. That's why we try and make everything as easy as possible for you.

We are always willing to help and advise on any questions so please do get in touch.

Once you have decided what you would like to order, Its now over to us. We take from you the deceased's name, funeral directors name, date and time of service and your order.

We then start making your arrangement and liaise with the funeral directors for delivery. We also send you a photo of the arrangements all done before we deliver them.


Personal Arrangements

Capturing the personality of someone at their funeral is often asked. We design bespoke arrangements for personal touches. Some examples of arrangements that have been asked are hobby related for example knitting needles, handbags, golf sticks favourite alcoholic drink, Nationality flag etc. We can also Incorporate colours and themes into any other arrangements for instance dad letters made with colours of a football team or nationality flag.

Posy's with little touches of sentimental value maybe a teddy placed on top to make personal statements or a colour for a favourite team. 

Please put forward any ideas you have or items you would like to incorporate into any design and we can discuss this with you and give a quotation. 



More popular in todays world is the wicker or woven coffins. The Garland is a beautiful choice to include colour and texture. The Garland can come in a running line or in clusters placed around the casket.

A Garland is pre made and attached prior to the funeral. We liaise directly with the funeral directors to organise us to attend the directors for fitting.

Garlands can be used on their own or with a casket topper as well. Some people choose to have a casket topper to match the Garland, this can be for example a sheaf, wreath, a spray of flowers or a cross 


Coffin or Casket Topper

Choosing what to place on the top of the coffin or casket can be overwhelming.

The length doesn't have to always be so long as the main focal of eye will be drawn to the middle.

The popular choice is a single or double ended spray of flowers ( single end is a diamond shape arrangement and a double end is a point either end of the arrangement or you may wish to go with a cross, sheaf or wreath. Please talk to us with any ideas you may like to go on top.

The Flower Garden 

A choice of flowers or colours, the flower garden stands in a linear design that is carried though a complete service from the journey in the car window either side of the coffin or casket then into the service for display at the front of the coffin and then can be taken on to the wake or grave side 

Standing Tributes 

Standing Tributes are placed on an easel in the service this is placed at the side of the coffin and then can be transferred to the wake after. 



Letters are very popular in funeral arrangements. On the journey they are placed at side of the windows. And then transferred into the service for viewing.

Any words can be made From the traditional letters of Mum, Dad, Nan etc to actual names Like flo, John, Sam. Sometimes people like to use nicknames or words of meaning of that person maybe a saying they said all the time. 



Traditional Funeral arrangements

Posey's, wreaths, hearts, cushions and pillows are funeral tributes that are more on the popular side. These bring colour to a service. They can all display ribbons with names on and available in any colours or sizes.

These arrangements can sit in the the car on the Journey to the service and then like the letters are transferred into the service. 

Please contact us with any ideas of design or questions you have.Please click here to send an enquiry or please call Emma on 0759 554 5553 to discuss you needs
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