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Funeral Flowers 

Eco Tributes 

At white petals and stems we source as much as possible to produce eco tributes, from biodegradable foam to using wood instead of plastics on certain arrangements.  
Our most eco designed 
tributes are the flat bouquet (sheaf) tied with straw for coffin tops and wood based wreaths. we can also make eco displays using biodegradable base. 
Please talk to us about any of these designs or if you have something in mind that we can make for you



If you would like to donate any plastic used back to us, for us to recycle, please let us know when ordering. 

We are only on the other end of the phone or email, please do ask us any questions, the names and understandings of what flower arrangements  are used can be quite confusing especially if you have never done this before. We are here to help and make the process flow easy. 

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